Introduction/ Legal Status:

Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan (KRAPAVIS), which literally means “organization for the development of ecology and agriculture/livestock”, works with a clear mission: the betterment of ecological, agricultural and livestock practices with a view to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for rural pastoral communities in Rajasthan. It is duly a registered society under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act 1958. Society Registration no: 34/ Alwar – 92-93, Date received: May 25, 1992. It is also registered under FCRA, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Govt. of India. FCRA no: 125420009, Date received: June 1, 1998. It is registered under 12A of Income tax exemption Act by Govt. of India; registration number is S-1075/730). The organization has received TAN under IT Act, the TAN number is JPRK03746B. It has also been registered under the 80 G under of Income tax exemption by Govt. of India; the 80 G number is Aa.Aa./ Alwar/Aa.A(Mukhya)/80-G/2013-14/3057. PAN number is AAATK1402E.


KRAPAVIS Executive Committee

KRAPAVIS has a well-defined nine members ‘Executive Board’ consists of well-known experts and highly experienced persons in the field of environment / biodiversity, livestock / pastoralism, sustainable agriculture and livelihood including social issues.


The present staff team of KRAPAVIS consists of 14 full time persons - a well-knit team of different disciplines. Most of the staff members are from the rural settings, contributing invaluable local knowledge, local socio-economic concerns and policy issues. Though, in the beginning, as KRAPAVIS grew more people joined from outside: foresters, agriculture engineers, veterinarian, and environmental experts. Slowly as the fascination and curiosity of the outsiders for rural work waned, one after another they withdrew slowly and remained where they belonged: in urban settings, doing what they would do best. The gap left in the internal leadership of KRAPAVIS slowly being filled by the real stakeholders of the project: the rural people. Thus KRAPAVIS has experienced growth/ success; chief among these is the increased sense of trust between communities and KRAPAVIS which has led to more peoples becoming receptive to conservation technologies. Today, there is a cadre of over 500 rural women and youths who are associated with KRAPAVIS.


Our past Partners have included; Food and Agriculture of United Nations ("FAO"); Misereor/KZE; UNDP/GEF; Canadian High Commission; IIT Delhi; Australian High Commission; SPWD; Koningsschool Foundation/ Both Ends; SDC/IC; Trees For The Future;; Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company Limited; Fondation Ensemble: INTACH; Leaders Quest/ CORO; IDS; PKF Foundation; International Land Coalition (ILC); ERA; Sewa Mandir; DDS; CPRCEE; Natural Justice; EEJP; Winrock International India (WII); Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust/FES; TERI; Brij Foundation; including the Government of Rajasthan (Departments of the Forest, Livestock, and Agriculture) as well as Government of India, including but not limited to these.

Our Current Partners include; Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies; Grow Trees/Grow Trees Ecosystem Foundation; ALL Tigers/Poh Kao; Kalpvraksh; MARAG/ILC; Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board (RSBB); CICADA.