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Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan (KRAPAVIS), which literally means 'organization for the development of ecology and agriculture-livestock'.It was established in 1992, and works with a clear mission: "the betterment of ecological, agricultural as well as livestock practices" with a view to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for rural & pastoral communities.

"A world where contribution of rural, pastoral and indigenous/tribal communities is recognised for Conserving Biodiversity and Protecting Livelihoods."

1. To work for the development of ecology and agriculture-livestock
2. To study the socio-economic and cultural aspects amongst the rural communities
3. To encourage science and technology amongst rural communities
4. To work for the conservation including wild life sanctuaries and national parks through peoples participation
5. To work for the integrated rural development

1. Orans (ICCA) & Biodiversity Conservation.
2. Pastoralism & Livestock Development.
3. Agriculture & Ecological Sustainability.
4. Livelihoods & Women-in-Development (Mahila Aajivika)
5. Rural Development & Vocational Skills Building.